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Emergency First Aid & CPR Level C with AED

CANADIAN FIRST-AID TRAINING Ltd. provides the following list of value added components to all our in-house First-Aid, CPR and Automated External Defibrillation (AED) training. Some of them include:

  • Professional, fun and knowledgeable staff certified as Authorized Instructors with the CANADIAN RED CROSS.

  • Provide course specific manuals for students to keep. We only use accredited material developed by the CANADIAN RED CROSS, which is recognized in over 180 countries around the world!

CANADIAN FIRST-AID TRAINING Ltd. teaches to the new 2010 ILCOR (International Liaison Committee On Resuscitation) guidelines for which the CANADIAN RED CROSS is a participating member.

CANADIAN FIRST-AID TRAINING Ltd. only uses top of the line equipment. This includes:

  • Demonstrate, fully explain & use Automated External Defibrillator (AED) units (Philips Health Care Canada) Authorized Distributor)

  • Gauze roller and triangular bandages, gauze non-stick pads, slings etc. for all first-aid practical exercises (course specific)

  • Epipen® & Allerject® trainer units for practical exercises (i.e. severe allergies – anaphylaxis) (All first Aid courses)

  • Manitoba Regulations First Aid kits. (All first Aid courses)

  • Proper usage of Asthma puffers and Aero-Chambers® - i.e. (Spacers), etc.

  • Proper bandaging techniques are shown in every First-Aid Course we offer - (i.e.: Emergency First-Aid, Child Care First-Aid (1-day courses), Standard First-Aid (2-day course), etc.

*PLEASE NOTE: We do require 3 business days notice of a cancellation in order to refund or reschedule.

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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