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Group Check In Representative

Asessipi Ski Area & Resort
Inglis, MB


This representative is responsible to greet groups ranging from 20 to 300 guests. All groups are pre booked. The group check in representative will prepare pre printed tickets and other paper work as required, meet with the group contact, give the group orientation presentation and answer questions. They will then escort the group through the various stages of their visit.


Essential Functions

All aspects of the group check in are done under the direction of the group sales manager. Representatives will prepare all items for group arrival, will greet group sometimes by entering buses as they arrive and handling out tickets on board. Group photos are taken by representative in the courtyard by representative and then are directed into next staging area. A group orientation is delivered by the representative and any questions are answered, then the representative escorts the group to various stages as required, rentals, lessons etc. Group Check In representatives then return to desk and are available to assist group members throughout the day while also preparing additional paper work for group departure. Representatives will also be responsible to maintain organization and cleanliness at the group check in desk and in the orientation room. During some periods group check in representative will also be required to sell general public day tickets. A cash drawer is also kept at the group check in desk and representatives are required to handle cash for various up grade options available to group members. Cash reconciliation at the end of the day may also be required.



Group Check In Representatives must have good communication skills and presentation skills. The ability to organize and assist large groups of guests is essential. Some computer skills would be an asset. Representatives must have a positive attitude and willingness to help people.  Excellent customer service and leadership skills are required. This applicant must also be able to adapt to situations that may change without notice.

How to Apply

This is a seasonal position and applicants can send their resume to  or download an application at  or fax resume to 1-204-564-2179

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