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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

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What's New  

In keeping with MTEC's commitment to keep our curriculum current and relevant, as well as respond to industry needs, we have completely re-vamped our Manitoba BEST Service Excellence Program.
This comprehensive new workshop contains 6 modules: 
1) Be Professional 2) Manitoba BEST Attitude
3) Doing Your BEST
4) Managing Risk
5) Service Recovery
6) Be a Manitoba BEST Ambassador
We will be launching our new Manitoba BEST Service Excellence Workshop on April 19, 2012 and offering this 6 hour session at 50% off the regular price of $149.00 + GST. For more information, please click here.
For more information or to register please call 204-957-7437 or email  

Did You Know You Can Reduce Employee Turn-Over By Hiring Older Workers?

Currently there are 30.9 million workers over the age of 55 in the US workforce. There are a few reasons for this, including many of them cannot afford to retire or don't want to retire.  The contribution of older workers cannot be overstated. Not only is there reduced turn-over with older workers, there is better performance and less absenteeism.

According to Professor Peter Cappelletti, Director of Wharton's Centre for Human Resources, Professor of Management and Research Associate of the Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, "Everything gets better with experience."
According to research conducted by the Conference Board of Canada and the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council, there are going to be skill shortages in Manitoba and throughout Canada, in the next five to ten years. In Manitoba we have several new hotels and retailers opening in the next two years.
There is an overwhelming prejudice to older candidates. We need to learn how to keep our existing, workforce and attract a new workforce, which will include older workers. When you see an employer with long-term staff, it is a credit to them. They know the value of a long-term employee, including their experience, relationships with customers and loyalty to their business. It also creates public perception that it must be a good place to work. 

TURNING TRAINING INTO SUCCESS: How To Be The Employer You Would Like to Work For! 

MTEC & SAFE Hospitality will be hosting our second conference Wednesday, October 17, 2012 at the Greenwood Inn & Suites in Winnipeg.
This one day conference and exhibition will include six sessions that are focused on expanding your human resource skills. Whether you currently manage or supervise employees, or would like to, these sessions will assist you in being the "Employer You Would Like To Work For." 

March & April Training 

Keep Your Business Profitable - Invest Your Time In Training!
**We are offering 15 complimentary seats for many of the following sessions. Sign up now!
*MANITOBA BEST - Retail Service Excellence
March 19   |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 
Serving it Safe: Responsible Service & Safety Program
March 21   |  9:00am-4:00pm    | 
COST: $40.00 + GST + Shipping
Staff Retention: Attracting and Keeping the Good Ones!
March 23   |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 
COST: SPECIAL RATE $35.00 + GST; Regular $99.00 + GST
*Motivating & Giving Positive Feedback
March 26   |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 
*10 Steps to Successful Delegating
March 30   |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 

*Developing Policies & Procedures Manuals
March 30   |   1:00pm-4:00pm   |
*Reading & Understanding Financial Statements as Management Tools
April 4    |   1:00pm-4:00pm   | 
*Build a TEAM Culture: Teambuilding & Conflict Resolution
April 11  |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 
*Essential Etiquette for Email
April 12  |  9:00am-12:00pm  | 
*Manitoba BEST Service Excellence
April 19  |   9:00am-4:00pm   | 
Contact MTEC at 204-957-7437 or email
All courses will be held at the MTEC Learning Centre, Suite 100 - 1534 Gamble Place, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Attention Event Coordinators & Planners!

It is an exciting time to be an event planner. Event planners are being called upon to develop and stage a number of events every year.
Whether you are new to the industry or established in your career, MTEC's 3- Part Training Series for Event Coordinators and Planners will provide the tools to assist you in planning an event from start to finish, covering areas such as administration, marketing, human resources, risk management, and more!
This series will also be very beneficial for those of you who may not have the title of 'Event Planner', but you are the person in your organization who performs that function as part of your position, ie: organizing the annual golf tournament, AGM, conference, etc.
A comprehensive emerit Event Coordinator Workbook, valued at $85.00 is included. 
Our upcoming workshop series will be held on March 22, March 29, and April 5.

Announcing MTEC's Spring Job Fair!

MTEC has set the date for the 11th Semi-Annual Hospitality, Tourism and Retail Job fair.  It will be held on Tuesday, April 10, 2012 from 10:00am-2:00pm at the Delta Winnipeg. 
Keep an eye on the MTEC website - or contact Luanne Christensen ( or Fiona McIntyre ( to ensure you're among the first to receive an exhibitor registration form for this great recruitment event!

MTEC Job Board - Free to Employers and Job Seekers

The MTEC Job Board hosted 588 jobs and was viewed 105,000 times during 2011.  It is the only job board in Manitoba specifically for the tourism, hospitality and retail industry.
Be sure to take advantage of this great tool during 2012!
Post your open positions and view available positions at the MTEC Job Board.

Safety Corner 

Food Handler Certification

In accordance with the City of Winnipeg Food Service By-law:
No person shall operate a food service establishment unless the person in charge has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.
Food service establishments with less than five (5) food handlers must have a person on staff who has successfully completed the certified food handler training program.
Food Service establishments with more than five (5) food handlers working at any one times must have a person who has successfully completed the certified food handler training program ON DUTY at all times.
Who should attend?
All owners, managers and supervisors of food service establishments.
All food service personnel who are responsible for the receiving, preparing and serving of food.
Course Outline
Microbiology - basic introduction to food microbiology.
Foodborne Illness - common foodborne illnesses, their causes and preventative methods.
Health and Hygiene - proper personal hygienic practices and good health.
Serving and Dispensing - proper techniques for food service and display.
Food Protection - safe food preparation and handling procedures.
Receiving and Storage - Factors involved in receiving and storing food.
Cleaning and Sanitizing - correct dishwashing facilities, techniques.
Date: March 28 & April 27, 2012
Time: 8:30am-4:30pm
Cost: $115.00 + GST
NEW! Register online for our courses!
For more information please call 204-694-7233 or email

Upcoming Safety Training

First Aid/CPR
March 20 | 8:30am-4:30pm | More Info
COST: $65.00 + GST (hospitality sector); $89.00 + GST Regular
March 27  |   8:30am-12:00pm  | 

Emergency Preparedness
March 27  |   1:00pm-12:30pm  |

Food Handler Certification
March 28  |    8:30am-4:30pm   | 
COST: $115.00 + GST
Safety Committee/Representative Basics
April 3     |   8:30am-12:00pm   | 

Incident Investigation, Inspections & Reporting
April 3     |    1:00pm-4:30pm    | 
Machinery & Equipment Safety Basics
April 17   |   8:30am-12:00pm   |

Supervisor/Manager Safety Roles & Responsibilities
April 17   |    1:00pm-4:30pm    |

First Aid/CPR
April 24   |    8:30am-4:30pm    | 
COST: $65.00 + GST (hospitality sector); $89.00 + GST Regular
Food Handler Certification
April 27   |    8:30am-4:30pm    | 
COST: $115.00 + GST
For additional information, or to register for upcoming workshops, please contact Alexa at or by calling 204-957-7437. 

Quote of the Month

 No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. ~Proverb

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