Serving It Safe Classroom Training

The Serving It Safe, Responsible Service and Safety Program is mandatory certification that all new licensees must acquire prior to being issued a liquor license in Manitoba.

As of April 1, 2011, it is mandatory for managers, servers and security personnel to complete the certification training prior to working in a licensed facility.

The Serving It Safe Program is about changing views of alcohol service and safety in the tourism/hospitality industry.  Employees and employers who serve alcohol need to understand their role in response to this new business environment.  It is important to protect yourself, your establishment, and your patrons.

Information in this awareness program includes:

  • The Duty of Care and your role in ensuring that customers do not harm themselves or others
  • Your legal responsibilities in the service of alcohol as well as potential liabilities
  • New approaches to alcohol sales and service in relation to changing consumption and trends
  • How to develop techniques for preventing customers from becoming intoxicated
  • How to refuse service
  • How staff that act professionally can diffuse situations and keep patrons and staff from personal harm and the establishment from potential liability

The Serving It Safe Program presents an opportunity and a challenge.  The goal is to plan and implement ways of reducing alcohol-related risks while maintaining or enhancing profits.

To register for this session, or receive more information on the Serving It Safe Program, please contact or by calling 957-7437.