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Violence/Harassment Awareness

Instances of workplace violence/harassment are becoming more common events, no workplace is immune. The costs can be staggering; worker absenteeism, worker compensation costs, loss of productivity, negative media coverage and the psychological impact on workers can be devastating.
Learning ways of lowering the risk of violence/harassment in the workplace is essential to any business's success. The Manitoba Workplace Safety and Health Regulation, Part 10 and 11, require that employers must assess the risk of violence and harassment to workers at their workplace and create a prevention policy.
Violence/Harassment Awareness training will give participants the skill set necessary to assess and minimize potential threats. Participants will learn ways to protect themselves and others, and techniques to identify and advert a potential violent situation from escalating. It will discuss how having policies, procedures, and a plan in place can potentially save lives!
This workshop is geared toward supervisors, managers, safety committee members/representatives, or anyone having a general interest in violence/harassment prevention.

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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