Social Media For Business-Dealing With Negative Feedback

Social media is a great way to grow your business and engage with your customers, allowing them to connect with your brand and easily share their experience on a variety of platforms. However, what if their experience was not a positive one? In this session you will learn how to take steps to prevent a situation that could ruin your brand's reputation, how to handle negative comments and complaints online and what to do if a situation escalates out of control.

Also in this session:

·    The culture of your business – and how it can affect your brands’ reputation

·     How to avoid having your employees contribute to a negative brand reputation

·     Social Media Listening – what  people are  saying about your brand on other platforms

·    Logistical challenges that can create vulnerabilities to online reputation

·     What to do with negative comments/reviews and how to respond

·    Topics to avoid completely on social media

·    Planning and preparing for a social media crisis

·    What to do when something escalates out of control – response tips

·    How to help your brand recover after the dust has settled


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