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Custom Training at MTEC

Tourism Workshops

Experiential Excellence 
An Introduction to Experiential Tourism Development Part 1

This one day workshop will engage participants in understanding the concept of experiential travel and how to work and partner with tourism organizations, tourism coordinators, other tourism attractions/operators and local businesses to create travel experiences specifically oriented to Manitoba tourism markets and target audiences.

Experiential Excellence
An Introduction to Experiential Tourism Development Part 2

This one-day workshop was intended to follow directly from the MTEC Experiential Excellence - Part 1 Workshop. It builds on the concepts of experiential tourism introduced in the first workshop and digs deeper into the actual logistics of creating successful travel experiences through thoughtful planning, strategic partnerships and understanding their guests. It puts into practice the steps outlined in workshop one and introduces some new ones designed to create an experience that ignites the imagination of prospective visitors through good storytelling.

Community Tourism Planning in Manitoba

This training explores topics important to planning for tourism in the participant’s community and implementing actions that will help make tourism a success. It will guide them through the process of preparing a community tourism plan and help identify opportunities and challenges their community might face. It will also help them decide whether tourism has potential for their community. Our hope is to create a network of passionate and motivated individuals who see the potential of tourism as an economic vector in their region and the province at large. We hope that the workbook will be shared widely and used to provoke conversation and perhaps the catalyst for future tourism, economic and community development.
The two Experiential Excellence sessions are one day.
The Community Tourism Planning in Manitoba is offered as a one day session and a three day session. 
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