June 10, 2020
Complimentary Zoom Training at MTEC Will Continue Throughout the Summer!

We have had a fantastic response to our 3 hour trainer-led training sessions that began in April.

MTEC has started delivering classroom training again, but will continue to deliver the Business and Personal Development sessions at least 3 times per week throughout the summer.

Food Handler's Certification and Clean It Right are the main sessions that will be delivered in our Training Centre over the summer. We have enough space in the classroom to socially distance, all of the MTEC team and cleaners have taken the Clean It Right program and our facility is continually being sanitized and disinfected.
Clean It Right has received over 2000 registrations since its launch 2 weeks ago! We are thrilled with the response and know that businesses practicing enhanced cleaning will attract more customers!

MTEC is offering Clean It Right free to businesses in the tourism, hospitality and retail industries in Manitoba!  For more information or to register your business for the free Clean It Right training program www.cleanitrightmanitoba.ca

Thursday, June 119 am - 4 pm
Friday, June 129 am - 12 noon
Monday, June 159 am - 12 noonEthical Decision Making & Leadership
Tuesday, June 169 am - 12 noon
Wednesday, June 179 am - 12 noon
Saturday, June 20
9 am - 4 pm
Monday, June 229 am - 12 noon
Tuesday, June 239 am - 12 noon
Wednesday, June 249 am - 12 noon
Thursday, June 259 am - 12 noon
Friday, June 26
9 am - 12 noon
Monday, June 299 am - 12 noon

Thursday, July 2
9 am - 12 noonArt of Communication
Friday, July 3 9 am - 12 noon
Team Building
Monday, July 69 am - 12 noon
Change Management in a Changing World
Tuesday, July 79 am - 12 noon
Managing Mental Health in the Workplace
Wednesday, July 89 am - 12 noon
Event Coordinator 101
Thursday, July 99 am - 12 noon
Negotiating-Is That The Best You Can Do
Monday, July 139 am - 12 noon
Marketing Your Business in Challenging Times - NEW
Monday, July 139 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification 
Tuesday, July 149 am - 12 noon
Instagram for Business
Thursday, July 169 am - 12 noon
Networking-The Power Of Connected People
Friday, July 179 am - 12 noon
Self Development & Awareness
Tuesday, July 219 am - 12 noon
Five Skills of a Powerful & Effective Leader
Wednesday, July 229 am - 12 noon
Selling is for Everyone
Thursday, July 239 am - 12 noon
Habits of a Winner-How to Stop, Start and Stick to Any Habit 
Friday, July 249 am - 12 noon
Email Communication-Beyond the Basics
Saturday, July 259 am - 4 pm
Tuesday, July 289 am - 12 noon
Team Building
Wednesday, July 299 am - 12 noon
The Math of Financial Statements
Thursday, July 309 am - 12 noon
Facebook for Business

Trainer handouts and meeting login information will be emailed to registered participants prior to the training. 

To register for training, please email: register@mtec.mb.ca

We look forward to seeing you ... remotely! 

"Night is always darker before the dawn and life is the same, the hard times will pass, everything will get better and sun will shine brighter than ever."
Ernest Hemingway

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