October 22, 2020 - In This Issue:
Clean It Right Certification to Regain Consumer Confidence

The Clean It Right enhanced cleaning program has certified 2,800 individuals and 305 businesses in the hospitality, restaurant, retail, fitness and many other industries in Manitoba, over the past 4 months since its launch. 

As an organization that serves the tourism industry, we are aware how difficult the past seven months have been for the industry. We are trying to assist in any way we can, and that is why we developed Clean It Right! We know that re-gaining consumer confidence is not going to be easy, but by making the commitment to providing a safe environment for guests and employees will certainly assist in that goal.
We are continuing to increase awareness of what it means to have the Clean It Right decal in your window or door. We have billboards and bus benches throughout Winnipeg and we are featuring certified businesses through the Clean It Right Facebook page, which is getting thousands of views.
Clean It Right will continue to be offered to the tourism, hospitality and retail industries at no charge. For other businesses, outside of tourism, we are giving a 90% discount and offering the CIR Program for $5.00.
MTEC has also customized and gifted Clean It Right to 10 provinces and territories in Canada. We are all in this together; and as an organization, are honoured that it has become a national program. 
We would also like to remind you that once your cleaning staff or contract cleaners have completed the Clean It Right certification, let us know, so we can certify your business and send you the window decal, or decals, and logos you can use in your marketing efforts. We will also list you on both the Clean It Right and MTEC websites.
Tourism Winnipeg is listing the Clean It Right certified tourism businesses in Winnipeg on their website. Travel Manitoba will be listing the CIR certified tourism businesses in their 2021 Visitor's Guide.

All Training Complimentary Except Food Handlers

Friday, October 23
9 am - 12 noon
Monday, October 26
9 am - 12 noonCourage, Confidence & Resilience 
Thursday, October 29
9 am - 12 noonSelling is For Everyone
Friday, October 30
9 am - 12 noonPresentation Skills-Getting Your Message Across With Confidence 

Friday, October 30
9 am - 4 pm Food Handler Certification 

Monday, November 29 am - 12 noonEthical Decision Making & Leadership
Thursday, November 59 am - 12 noon
Email Communication-Beyond the Basics 
Thursday, November 129 am - 12 noonBusiness Etiquette
Friday, November 139 am - 12 noonManaging Mental Health in the Workplace  
Monday, November 169 am - 12 noonNegotiating-Is That the Best You Can Do
Wednesday, November 189 am - 12 noonEmotional Intelligence  
Thursday, November 19 9 am - 12 noonTeam Building
Monday, November 239 am - 12 noonDeveloping a Policies & Procedures Manual
Wednesday, November 259 am - 12 noonInstagram for Business 
Friday, November 27
9 am - 12 noonChange Management in a Changing World

Friday, November 69 am - 12 noon
Handling Difficult Situations  
Thursday, November 17
9am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification
Friday, November 209 am - 12 noonArt of Communication
Thursday, November 26
9 am - 12 noonLeadership Promotion-Making the Transition from Peer to Boss
Saturday, November 28
9 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification
Monday, November 30
9 am - 12 pmCultivating Better Boundaries to Enhance Personal & Professional Development 

Trainer handouts and meeting login information will be emailed to registered participants prior to the Zoom training. 

To register for training, please email: register@mtec.mb.ca

We look forward to seeing you ... remotely and in the classroom! 

"Night is always darker before the dawn and life is the same, the hard times will pass, everything will get better, and sun will shine brighter than ever."

-Ernest Hemingway

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