July 8, 2020 - In This Issue:
MTEC Adds Another Module to The Clean It Right Enhanced Cleaning Program!
Clean It Right for Business Offices & Service Centres has been added to the Clean It Right training program!

MTEC launched Clean It Right for Hotels, Restaurants & Retail businesses on May 26th. In the 6 weeks since its launch, 3,430 individuals have been registered.  To date there are 171 businesses in Manitoba that are certificated and displaying the window/door decal at their businesses!

Today we launched Clean It Right for Business Offices & Service Centres as a result of many requests from businesses that just didn't fit into the hotel, restaurant or retail categories. Offices and service centres have been experiencing a reluctance from customers and employees in returning to their businesses because of safety concerns.

The Clean It Right module for Business Offices & Services Centres will be Free for businesses in the Tourism industry as well as businesses whose main purpose is providing customer service.

If a business in Manitoba is not in the Tourism industry, we have been allowing them to take the Clean It Right Program for a 90% discount. (The regular rate would be $45.00) We will continue to do this until June 1, 2021.

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For more information or to register your employees and/or cleaners and get access codes: www.CleanItRightmanitoba.ca 

Or call MTEC at 204-957-7437 or email cleanitright@mtec.mb.ca

MTEC will continue to deliver classroom training for Food Handler's Certification, along with the facilitator led Zoom training until September.

On September 8th, MTEC will resume our classroom training for the council and college.   We are looking forward to having you back in our training centre! We have a clean, safe environment and can socially distance in our classrooms. MTEC is Clean It Right Certified!

Message from the CEO

It has been a very difficult 4 months for our province, and our country. The impact to the tourism, hospitality and retail industries has been devastating.

MTEC felt the best way we could assist the industry in Manitoba was to develop and deliver an enhanced cleaning program, with the goal of re-gaining consumer confidence; showing customers that you have made the commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for your customers and employees.
We aren't finished yet!   We have 20 bus benches throughout Winnipeg explaining the window/door decal and will have 3 full-sized billboards, in high traffic areas, prominently displaying the decal!

The Clean It Right program will out-live COVID-19! The education and certification will be something that is beneficial to your businesses today and for years to come.

This situation will pass and our hope is that the tourism, hospitality and retail industries will re-bound quickly and this difficult time will be behind us.

Shannon Fontaine, CEO
Manitoba Tourism Education Council (MTEC)

All Training Delivered Via Zoom Except Food Handlers 

Thursday, July 99 am - 12 noon
Negotiating-Is That The Best You Can Do
Monday, July 139 am - 12 noon
Marketing Your Business in Challenging Times - NEW
Monday, July 139 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification 
Tuesday, July 149 am - 12 noon
Instagram for Business
Wednesday, July 15
9 am - 12 noonCultivating Better Boundaries to Enhance Personal and Professional Development  -NEW
Thursday, July 169 am - 12 noon
Networking-The Power Of Connected People
Friday, July 179 am - 12 noon
Self Development & Awareness
Tuesday, July 219 am - 12 noon
Five Skills of a Powerful & Effective Leader
Wednesday, July 229 am - 12 noon
Selling is for Everyone
Thursday, July 239 am - 12 noon
Habits of a Winner-How to Stop, Start and Stick to Any Habit 
Friday, July 249 am - 12 noon
Email Communication-Beyond the Basics
Saturday, July 259 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification
Tuesday, July 289 am - 12 noon
Team Building
Wednesday, July 299 am - 12 noon
The Math of Financial Statements
Thursday, July 309 am - 12 noon
Facebook for Business

Wednesday, August 59 am - 12 noonAssertiveness in the Workplace
Thursday, August 69 am - 12 noon
Stress Management-How it Affects Your Health & How to Deal With It
Friday, August 79 am - 12 noon
Art of Communication 
Wednesday, August 129 am - 12 noon
Emotional Intelligence
Thursday, August 139 am - 12 noonStress Management in the Workplace
Friday, August 149 am - 4 pm
Food Handler Certification
Tuesday, August 189 am - 12 noon
Networking-The Power of Connected People
Wednesday, August 19
9 am - 12 noonFacebook for Business
Thursday, August 209 am - 12 noon
Ethical Decision Making & Leadership 
Monday, August 249 am - 12 noonCourage, Confidence & Resilience 
Tuesday, August 259 am - 12 noonHabits of a Winner-How to Stop, Start and Stick to Any Habit 
Wednesday, August 269 am - 12 noonInstagram for Business
Thursday, August 279 am - 12 noonManaging Mental Health in the Workplace
Saturday, August 299 am - 4 pm
Food Handler Certification

Trainer handouts and meeting login information will be emailed to registered participants prior to the training. 

To register for training, please email: register@mtec.mb.ca

We look forward to seeing you ... remotely! 

"As you wait for better days, don't forget to enjoy today, in case they've already started."
Robert Breault

Manitoba Tourism Education Council, 75 Scurfield Boulevard, Unit 3, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3Y 1P6 Canada
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