September 2, 2020 - In This Issue:
MTEC Will be Resuming Classroom Training on September 8th

As we approach the fall and the continuation of businesses re-opening in Manitoba, we are looking forward to people returning to a more normal way of life. The Province is practicing risk management in every step they take towards the safe re-opening of the province. They are encouraging businesses and Manitobans to continue to follow the mandatory established protocols in order to keep patrons, staff and Manitobans safe. Every decision they have made has carefully been weighed and being monitored as we go forward.

MTEC will be resuming our in-class training on September 8th.  We have scheduled Zoom webinars for Mondays and Fridays and in-class training Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.  If we find that people would prefer the Zoom webinars, instead of coming to our training centre, we will switch the classroom training to Zoom webinars.

MTEC will continue to follow all Provincially established protocols, including social distancing, providing hand sanitizer and providing a clean and safe environment.

*MTEC is Clean It Right Certified and 100% of our staff has taken our enhanced cleaning program. We have made the commitment to providing our customers and employees with a safe environment.

Message From The CEO

As the summer winds down, we know that things will continue to change. As restaurant patios close and summer vacations end; our tourism, hospitality and retail industries will still need our support. More than ever, these businesses need us to continue to support them.

The tourism industry has been doing everything it can to re-gain consumer confidence; from incorporating enhanced cleaning protocols, to adding barriers between customers, to adding signage and reconfiguring their public spaces to accommodate social distancing.

MTEC developed Clean It Right with the main goal of assisting the tourism industry in Manitoba re-gain consumer confidence by providing a safe environment for customers and staff. It was a way for us to do something that could, in some way, assist the industry that we represent, in such a difficult time.

We had no idea that it would be so well received, and utilized! Since we launched Clean It Right at the end of May, we have had 4,300 register for Clean It Right, with 2,320 completing the training and 205 businesses becoming certified. * The certified companies are listed on the Clean It Right website.
We will continue to offer Clean It Right FREE to the tourism, hospitality and retail industries. We will also continue to offer the program at a 90% discount to industries that fall outside of tourism.

After launching Clean It Right, we were approached by several other provinces wanting to deliver Clean It Right to their tourism industry businesses. We gifted a customized Clean It Right to them. Currently Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador are all delivering Clean It Right! We are currently working with the Yukon, who will also be delivering Clean It Right in the near future.

Companies in Northern Ontario, including Kenora and Rainy River are also taking our Clean It Right program and becoming certified. You can look for the Clean It Right logos in their windows!

We believe that Clean it Right will outlive COVID-19. It will be the new standard of cleaning that customers and employees will expect when they go into a business. They will also be watching for the certified companies to actually be living up to their commitment of providing a safe environment, in order to maintain their confidence.

As we go forward, MTEC will continue to support the tourism industry in every way that we can. This year because of people's reluctance to meet in larger groups, we will be having our 2019/2020 Annual General Meetings for the Manitoba Tourism Education Council and Manitoba Tourism Education College via Zoom Meetings.

We have taken the funds that we would have spent on a meeting venue and purchased $3,000 worth of Gift Certificates that will be drawn at the end of the meeting. This was another way that we could support 14 tourism, hospitality and retail businesses in Manitoba. There will be 26 draws, for certificates valued from $25.00 to $500.00.

As we continue in the recovery of the Tourism industry, MTEC will continue to assist the industry in any way that we can. We will continue to train people working in the industry and future employees for the industry.

Shannon Fontaine, CEO Manitoba Tourism Education Council

to see a complete list of Gift Card door prizes!
The draws will take place
immediately following the AGM.
JOIN US at the Manitoba Tourism Education Council and Manitoba Tourism Education College 2019/2020 Annual General Meeting.
Thursday, September 10, 2020 from 1pm to 2pm via Zoom meeting.
Please note: This meeting is open to everyone but only those people working in the Tourism Industry may vote.
Join us by ZOOM and be entered to WIN $3000 dollars in gift cards supporting the Tourism Industry in Manitoba. Must be in attendance at time of draws to win.
RSVP by September 8th to
The Draws will take place immediately following the AGM.

3-Part Training Series for Event Coordinators & Planners

This training series provides valuable information for people who are currently working as event planners as well as those who would like to be event planners! Whether full-time or a function of their position, this training can re-enforce what is being done right, and teach things that could avoid liability and/or failure of an event. 

Successful events don't just happen. A successful event is the culmination of planning, preparation and taking care of many details. This 3-Part Series covers everything from the Marketing, Administration, Risk Management and Human Resources involved with coordinating a successful event.  

The next series will be delivered via Zoom over a five day period.  Monday, October 5th through Friday, October 9th from 9:00am-12:00pm. Click here to register.

There will also be a series delivered in an MTEC classroom, over a three day period, Friday, October 16th, 6:00pm-9:30pm, Saturday, October 17th, 8:30am to 4:30pm and Sunday, October 18th from 8:30am-4:30pm.  Click here to register.

To Register or for more information, please click here, or contact Monique Couture at or call 204-957-7437. 
Shirley Tillett Scholarship Fund for Event Professionals  
There is also a scholarship fund that will cover the full amount of tuition for the MTEC 3-Part Series for Event Coordinators & Planners. The Shirley Tillett Scholarship Fund for Event Professionals. Shirley Tillett, founder of Shirley Tillett and Associates (STA), successfully operated her event planning and training company for over 20 years. She also founded the Event Professionals of Manitoba Association (EPM). 

Please click here for more information.  

All Training Complimentary Except Food Handlers

Friday, September 11
9 am - 12 noon
Monday, September 149 am - 12 noonEmail Communication-Beyond the Basics
Monday, September 14
9 am - 12 noonEvent Coordinator 101
Wednesday, September 16
9 am - 12 noonDeveloping a Policies & Procedures Manual
Thursday, September 17
9 am - 12 noonSelling is for Everyone 
Friday, September 18
9 am - 12 noonMotivating & Giving Effective Feedback
Monday, September 21
9 am - 12 noonChange Management in a Changing World
Friday, September 25
9 am - 12 noonCultivating Better Boundaries to Enhance Personal & Professional Development 
Monday, September 289 am - 12 noonEmotional Intelligence 

Tuesday, September 89 am - 12 noon
Presentation Skills-Getting Your Message Across With Confidence
Wednesday, September 9
9 am - 12 noon
Time Management
Monday, September 14
9 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification
Tuesday, September 15
9 am - 12 noonCivility in Manitoba-Welcoming Safely amid COVID-19-NEW
Tuesday, September 22
9 am - 12 noonFive Skills of a Powerful & Effective Leader
Wednesday, September 23
9 am - 12 noonHandling Difficult Situations
Thursday, September 24
9 am - 12 noonAssertiveness in the Workplace
Saturday, September 26
9 am - 4 pmFood Handler Certification
Tuesday, September 29
9 am - 12 noonStress Management-How it Affects Your Health & How to Deal With It
Wednesday, September 30
9 am - 12 noonSelf Development & Awareness

Monday, October 59 am - 12 noon
Manitoba Ambassador Program 
Friday, October 16
9 am - 12 noonMarketing Your Business in Challenging Times 

Thursday, October 89 am - 12 noon
 The Math of Financial Statements 

Trainer handouts and meeting login information will be emailed to registered participants prior to the Zoom training. 

To register for training, please email:

We look forward to seeing you ... remotely and in the classroom! 

"Gratitude turns what we have into enough, and more.  It turns denial into acceptance, chaos into order, confusion into makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow."

-Melody Beattie

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