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Success Stories From MTEC

The Award for Excellence in Leadership Investing in Human Resources Development

As a business, you know how having a fully developed team is your best way to increase profits. The Award for Excellence in Leadership Investing in Human Resources Development is awarded to the business who works with MTEC to increase the skills, knowledge and adaptability of their workforce. We can identify this award winner by reviewing the training attendees, coordinator assessments, communication between the business and MTEC.

In 2013 we changed this award from the Tourism & Hospitality Training award to The Award for Excellence in Leadership Investing in Human Resources Development.

2014 – Thermëa by Nordik Spa-Nature

2013 – Arctic Co-Operatives Limited

MTEC has been announcing Tourism & Hospitality Training Award winners since autumn of 2009. Here are the award winners:

2012 – Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre

Spring of 2012 was an exceptional time for training for management and front line staff at the Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Centre. To ensure that their staff had the skills to offer consistent and superior service, fifteen of their staff attended Manitoba BEST Service Excellence. Ten of the management staff from this location attended a four part workshop series – Training in the Workplace. Over the remainder of the year, they rounded out the skills building with Event Planning, Sales, Health & Safety and Serving it save training. Elkhorn has set the stage for continuous learning and growth of their workforce.

2011 – Vita Health Fresh Market

Vita Health broke into the MTEC training scene during 2011. Over 20 of their staff attended sessions at MTEC, gaining knowledge from such sessions as:

  • Full Limit Selling - Personal Selling for Front Line Employees
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Is Your Business Theft Proof?
  • Manitoba BEST Service Excellence
  • Manitoba BEST-Retail Customer Service Excellence
  • Motivating and Giving Effective Feedback (Goal Setting)
  • Retail Management
  • Retail Merchandising
  • Teambuilding and Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Time Management

"In today's busy, hectic world, it's important to feel confident that you can handle situations as they arise – the MTEC trainings have given our management team that confidence. We've stepped back from the front line to really think about issues affecting our staff and our stores and education has become a key priority, particularly education in human resources and service skills. All of our attendees have had rave reviews of the sessions attended. Revenue increased, due to managers being trained and running the stores more effectively. We are experiencing better retention of managers, smoother operations, increased staff retention and better customer service."

Brenda Comte, General Manager
Vita Health Fresh Food  |

2010 – Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park

During 2010 Asessippi Ski Area & Winter Park worked on a project to develop their staff. 134 of their staff participated in nine different areas. Some of the major areas included Manitoba BEST Service for Frontline and Management, Handling Difficult Situations and Motivating and Giving Effective Feedback (Goal Setting). As an employer recruiting many temporary foreign workers for seasonal frontline positions, Asessippi worked with MTEC to deliver a 3-hour Welcoming Service session specifically created for the Asessippi Ski Area and Resort. Ninety front line staff members participated in this 3-hour session to ensure that all had the same starting point from which to offer the Asessippi Ski Area and Winter Park brand of service. We were excited to work with this group – their leadership has certainly pointed them in an award-winning direction.

2009 – Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel

During the 2009/2010 year, Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel worked with MTEC to deliver relevant training to well over 30 staff members. In specific, they delivered two in-house Generations In the Workplace sessions to their staff. This has given their staff new skills to celebrate the unique values, belief, life experience and attitudes that each separate generation can bring to the workplace. In addition to this focus, several of their staff members attended Build a Team Culture – Teambuilding and Conflict Resolution Skills, Negotiating; Achieving Better Solutions for Yourself and Your Business and Handling Difficult Situations.

"Since its inception the Manitoba Tourism Education Council has played an important support role in the development and training of many of our finest employees at Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel. Through professional certification, participation in developing programs, trade shows, and being part of Manitoba BEST we have developed a wonderful working partnership with the team at MTEC. We believe that industry specific training is an important tool as it facilitates a better guest experience, lower staff turnover rates and engaged employees."

Krista Mask, General Manager
Pat Bednarski, Human Resources Manager
Place Louis Riel Suite Hotel  |