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HR Fundamentals For Managers

Whether it’s writing a job description, hiring the right person for the job or dealing with performance issues, there are times each day that supervisors need to utilize HR skills. Research conducted over two decades by Ipsos Reid, identified the manager the employee reports to as the number one reason that an employee stays with an organization. The research also discovered that the manager is the number one reason that an employee leaves an organization!

The primary focus of the 2-day HR series is to provide managers with both a broad overview of the human resource functions and give them the tools that they need to deal with day-to-day human resource issues. They will explore how to effectively develop a comprehensive recruitment toolkit to attract and select staff to behavioural-based interviewing,  performance management, and staff retention strategies.

The 2-day series will comprise of the following:

Day 1

Session 1a: Principles of Human Resource Management

Session 1b: Job Descriptions, Recruitment & Selection

Day 2

Session 2a: Employee Orientation and Onboarding

Session 2b: Performance Management and Retention Strategies 


There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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