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Sled Friendly Certification Training

Snowmobile tourism is a catalyst for winter economic growth


The goal of the Sled Friendly Certification Training is to ensure local businesses and communities North of the 53rd Parallel are equipped for winter tourism with safe services and products. For Northern Manitoba to be seen as the premier snowmobile destination, businesses and communities need to be ready to receive and serve new clients. The program is designed to provide guidance and awareness of what makes a Sled Friendly community and business and how to achieve it.


Receiving this certification demonstrates to future guests and customers that your business or community has welcoming and safe accommodations to meet their snowmobiling needs. The learning components of the course helps your ability to understand the niche audience and how you can best serve them while contributing to the economic development of the business and community.

Becoming Sled Friendly Certified while snowmobiling popularity is on the rise increases the chance for repeat visitors for the in- and off-season. With the certification comes advertising on the MTEC website, promotions the SLEDMB53 website and social channels and more.

NOTE: The Sled Friendly Certification Training is FREE for communities and businesses North of 53 (North of the 53rd Parallel in Manitoba).


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Congratulations to these Sled Friendly Certified Businesses!


Congratulations to these Sled Friendly Certified Communities!