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3 Part Training Series for Event Coordinators & Planners

3 part series was developed using the national occupational standards for event coordinator to provide those attending information on areas such as administrative skills, marketing, event coordination, risk management, human resources,communication, and professionalism.

Shirley Tillett Scholarship Fund for Event Professionals  

On behalf of Shirley Tillett’s family, we would like to thank all of those who contributed to the Shirley Tillett Scholarship Fund for Event Professionals.  (see list below)

There was great support for Shirley’s wish of starting a scholarship fund and as a result of the generous donations, many people wanting to increase their knowledge of Event Planning will be able to have half of their tuition covered for the 3 Day Event Planning Series offered at MTEC.                     


Strauss Event & Association Management, Joan Thornson, Karen Koster, Lynda Glena, Christine Walker, Allison Girordin, Catherine Long, Agnes Baryski, Kathleen Miklovich, The Buss Family, MTEC, Janine Quinn, Engineers Geoscientists, Grace Tuba, Lorna & Donna, Sheila Tuba, Shirley Gaura, Sophie Czajka, Mildred Nagy, Lynette Tuba, Linda Schram,  Mary Cartlidge, XL Specialty Insurance Canada, Carolyn Rickey, Teshmont Consultants, Robert Shindelman (Shindico), Buff Highland, Geoff  Mac Pherson, Gaylen Schuck, Jim Goodknight, Mark Sooter, Max Colett, Alex Avacupan, Greg Gaither, Reggie Yates, Randy Howard, Association of Consulting  Engineering Companies-Manitoba and Louise Machinski, on behalf of Shirley Tillett.



View recipients of the Shirley Tillett Scholarship Fund by clicking here.