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MTEC is Manitoba's only distributor of national tourism training products and programs, which were developed by industry with the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC).

Today employers are not only competing for customers and their dollars, they’re also competing for staff that can provide the service experience required to keep customers coming back. Your employees are the key to help position your business to out perform your competition.

As an employer, you want consistently trained staff that meet and exceed your customer’s expectations. Recent statistics have shown that roughly 40% of employees who receive no or poor job training will leave their positions within the first year. Research also shows that effective training can increase productivity and sales; reduce the cost of turnover and improve customer service; all benefits that can help you exceed your customer’s expectations.


Train for many of the advertised positions at the: Manitoba Tourism Education College.


emerit Resources:

emerit Occupational Standards - These are concise and point form, ideal to help you establish service standards, develop job descriptions and cross train. You can download over 40 different job specific standards.

emerit Workbooks - These workbooks take the standards and complete them with real life examples, quizzes and exercises that reinforce, in a self-study format, the skills required to be considered competent in a job.

emerit Trainers’ Guides - Target today’s tourism professionals. Their easy-to-follow format includes exercises and guidance activities designed to help you effectively deliver, follow-up and evaluate training. And using the additional exercises that complement each emerit workbook, you can reinforce material according to your particular needs.