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Change a Losing Game-How to Pivot to a Winning Position CLASSROOM

Running a business is much like playing a game. This session will help you to see your business as a set of moving parts and  understand how making changes to one part affects other parts and the performance of your business.

In this session we focus on how to:

  • Align the parts in a business to work together
  • Use basic Game Theory to pivot to a better position
  • Create a scorecard that warns you when it's time to change again

No one enjoys losing and regardless of how well something is working, situations change. The key to winning is to stop playing a losing game, when winning is still possible.

This session is intended for business owners, the leadership team and top decision makers. It could also be beneficial for supervisors and managers or someone involved in innovation or change management.

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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