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Five Skills of a Powerful & Effective Leader CLASSROOM

Businesses need both Leadership and Management to thrive. If you look at successful leaders, they have something in common. They know how to negotiate, and how to compromise.

Negotiation is required to get their point across as well as determine the other person's viewpoint. It should result in a " win- win" solution. It may involve compromising, to arrive at the best solution, where both parties feel heard and their opinions respected.

Leadership is about guiding and directing. Leaders see the "big picture" and inspire people to accomplish great things. Managers guide people, as well as establish processes and create rules. Leadership is probably the most critical at the start-up of a business, or when it is experiencing financial difficulty.

It has been said that great leaders are born, not made but we believe that it is possible to gain the skills required to be a great leader through education and training.

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