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Manitoba Service Excellence: Training to Give Your Business the Competitive Edge CLASSROOM

This workshop will discuss the impact customer service can have on you, your team, your customers and ultimately your business; Positive and Negative. 

With customer expectations increasing and service decreasing; your business can gain the competitive edge by providing consistent, exceptional service. There are more and more businesses opening in Winnipeg and throughout Manitoba every year. Customers have many choices to purchase similar services or products from many different businesses. Your business can stand out from the rest by the service you provide.

By the end of the workshop, you will understand the Domino Effect of your attitude, attention to detail and working as a Customer Focused Team has on the future of your company. You will gain tools to become a service professional, maintain positivity, work together as a team, service recovery and manage workplace risk.

You will learn the benefits of having an unhappy customer inform you that they are not satisfied with your product or service, so you have the opportunity to fix it and keep that customer returning to your business! 

Manitoba Service Excellence is a 6 hour workshop that is applicable to any type of business that serves customers.


There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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