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Cultivating Better Boundaries To Enhance Personal & Professional Development ZOOM

As we continue to navigate this pandemic and the many transitions, changes, uncertainties, disruptions, adjustments and more, one thing remains clear: we are all part of an ever changing, dynamic world. Despite our various roles or the different communities we may belong to, we all share the common challenges and hopes of maintaining and nurturing a harmonious work-life integration and sense of balance as we move through COVID-19, while staying focussed on a positive, post pandemic future.

This session is suited for all: front line workers, supervisors, managers, senior leaders, entrepreneurs, career transitioners, volunteers and those not sure how to define their current work role. We can all benefit from exploring how setting boundaries is an essential skill that can help us protect our time, energy, mindset, resources, relationships with others and ourselves, while we strive for inner peace, harmony and personal/professional growth.

In this session participants will explore:

  • the benefits of cultivating healthy and essential work-life boundaries
  • boundary setting as an essential skill in navigating and maintaining a harmonious approach to work-life integration
  • the power and role of growth mindset as we set, adjust and consider boundaries that may foster our personal and professional growth and nurture our sense of positivity
  • some common traps and challenges in boundary setting
  • strategies, tools and resources  to build our boundary setting "muscles" as we share ways to increase our self awareness, build insight in to our own strengths, weaknesses and needs, and work toward greater resilience during these uncertain times and beyond


There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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