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3-Part Series for Event Coordinators and Planners DAY 2

3-Part Training Series for Event Coordinators & Planners
To help you achieve event success!

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Event Coordinators and Planners Training

Day 1 - September 10
Introduction, Overview and Administrative Skills

  • Understanding the various components of the business plan and how they all feed into the event
  • Understanding the goals of the event and using them to develop an event agenda
  • Developing a critical path in line with the business plan and learning to delegate responsibilities effectively
  • Developing an effective reporting and monitoring process and other administrative tasks
  • Using budgets as a means of control
  • Understanding the importance of financial controls overall
  • “What would you do” practical exercises.

Day 2 - September 17
Event Coordination and Marketing

  • Event planning and production from start to finish, with focus on major areas such as: event design and set up, delegate/performer management, security, food and beverage, post-event evaluation, and more
  • Understanding the role of marketing and how it ties into the overall planning of the event
  • " What would you do" practical exercises

Day 3 - September 24
Risk Management, Human Resources, and Communication

  • Understanding legislation and ensuring your event complies with it
  • Understanding and adhering to a risk management plan
  • Understanding “who” is at risk
  • Developing an effective contingency plan
  • Recruiting staff, volunteers; interviewing and selecting applicants
  • Training staff and volunteers; providing leadership and motivation
  • “What would you do” practical exercises
  • Learning objectives for today:
  • Effective communication
  • Designing and making presentations
  • Understanding the importance of professionalism; exhibiting leadership
  • Managing multiple priorities while maintaining professionalism


All 3 days of the series must be registered and paid for at the same time ($500 plus GST)



Upcoming Training Dates

  • Tuesday, September 17, 2024
    3-Part Series for Event Coordinators and Planners DAY 2 - View Details

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