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Manitoba Ambassador Program ZOOM

The word Ambassador is generally defined as a ‘high ranking representative or messenger’.  This is an extremely important role whether it is representing your business, your community or the province as a whole.  As an Ambassador, you will make an impression on the people that you come in contact with and there are a number of things to consider in making that impression a lasting and positive one.

Tourism products and services should engage visitors, tap into their passions and interests, connect locals with visitors, increase social interaction and shared experiences, and provide opportunities to learn. Every interaction is a chance to make a lasting impression and memory to be remembered fondly and shared with others.

By the end of this workshop, you will have the tools to enhance your knowledge and abilities to be a Manitoba Ambassador.  You will:

  • Enhance your knowledge and pride of Manitoba,  and the diverse activities and attractions each region has to offer,
  • Learn how to use this knowledge of Manitoba to deliver outstanding customer service that is remembered by each visitor, and
  • Create a memorable experience and a powerful connection for visitors to your region and your business.

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