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SAFE Hospitality Update

SAFE Hospitality, the safety association funded by Workers Compensation Board of Manitoba through a levy paid by the Restaurant and Foodservice industry, came to an end after 10 years of service. SAFE Hospitality has been dedicated in providing the restaurant and foodservice industry with free safety training, consulting, resources and safety assessments.

SAFE Hospitality was asked to gather 50% of the industry support to continue on as an association, and unfortunately only received 20.57% of industry support in the Restaurant & Food Services industry( 130 establishments) and 16.08% in the Hotel/Motel industry (22 establishments). Though we consider this a great acheivement it is not enough to continue.

Over the past several years, MTEC has trained close to 5000 people in safety. We know that as a result of this safety training, many businesses in the hospitality, tourism and retail industries in Manitoba have safer workplaces for their employees.

Although there will no longer be funding for a safety association for the hospitality and tourism industry, MTEC feels that safety in the workplace is vitally important to the industry, especially because the hospitality industry is where 5 times more youth get their first jobs than any other industry.

Unfortunately, without the funding, we will no longer be able to offer complimentary safety training and services.

Because MTEC is a not-for-profit organization, we will continue to offer our safety training at the lowest rates possible. Please check our website to view upcoming safety training.

On behalf of myself and the MTEC Board of Directors, we want to thank the industry for the time and effort that has gone in to trying to save SAFE Hospitality. Unfortunately the desire for a funded safety association is not a priority for the industry at this time. We are hopeful that may change in the future.

Shannon Fontaine, CEO

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