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Leadership Strategies For Respectful Workplaces CLASSROOM

Do you find it difficult to recognize and address disrespect at work? Do you feel confident to speak to the respectful policy? Are you aware that Supervisors and Managers are held at a higher standard and duty to ensure the workplace is respectful? We all deserve a respectful workplace where we can all contribute to a healthy and productive organization. However, when people at work offend, embarrass, or humiliate us, it hurts our dignity and well-being affecting work relationships and lowering productivity. This session focuses on Leaders being better able to:  

  • Clearly describe what a respectful workplace looks like and recognize the signs of discriminating, harassing and violent behaviours,

  • Understand the impact and consequences of disrespect on people and the organization,

  • Commit to your role and responsibilities in supporting the respectful workplace policy,

  • Confidently address disrespectful behaviours in a professional and timely manner, and

  • Apply communication strategies for leaders to recognize and handle offensive, disrespectful and inappropriate behaviours.

This session is designed for Leaders, however all are welcome to attend.

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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