PIPEDA That's Private!

Presentation by David Carrick of Aikins Law

In his Presentation, David will:

- review your organization's existing obligations under PIPEDA (the federal government's Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) in terms of the collection, use, disclosure and retention of personal information,

- alert you to amendments to PIPEDA that are working their way through Parliament, and that will dramatically change how your organization will need to respond to a breach of privacy,

- alert you to a joint 2012 publication of the Federal, Alberta and British Columbia Privacy Commissioners that significantly raises the bar on what is expected of your organization in terms of not only complying, but also demonstrating compliance, with your obligations under PIPEDA – A NEW, AND VERY IMPORTANT, PUBLICATION THAT YOU NEED TO BE AWARE OF!,

- identify liability minefields, and

- provide practical advice to reduce your organization’s risk of non-compliance.

David will also leave lots of time for questions, so come prepared to breathe new life into your privacy project!

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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