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Courage To Face Fear and Confidence to Embrace Change CLASSROOM

This program is equally important in our personal and professional lives. Your success is directly correlated to your level of courage and confidence. Life is full of stories of brilliant capable people who lacked the courage to step up in their moment of opportunity and people who lacked the confident belief in themselves to push through their fear which leads to true and lasting confidence.

This session will give you a better understanding of:

  • How to trigger the Courage to do new things-because at first everything is new
  • How to do something repeatedly allowing our Self Confidence to get stronger
  • How to build Resilience to bounce back from setbacks, upsets and failure

This session can be uncomfortable. ALL change requires a departure from our place of comfort. Let's get more comfortable, being uncomfortable.

This session is intended for all levels of employees.

There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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