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3-Part Training Series - Leadership in a Changing Environment - Transformational Leadership DAY 1

This practical program with skills easily transferable back to the job encourages leadership best practises and is for anyone in a supervisory or management role, a team lead or technical lead role as well as people who are moving into these positions.

In order to achieve results and accomplish goals it is critical to gain the commitment and cooperation of others. Through this interactive three-day workshop you will learn how to adapt your leadership style to meet the needs of your employees in an ever-changing work world and create an environment that encourages productivity, builds job satisfaction and high morale.

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3 Part Leadership Flysheet

Day 1 - May 16
Transformational Leadership

  • To understand your leadership style to build on your strengths and develop your weaknesses
  • To develop flexibility in your leadership to meet and understand the needs, wants and preferences of your team members
  • To gain a better understanding of transformational leaders in order to inspire others to grow and develop

Day 2 - May 23
Leading in a Changing Environment

  • To enhance communication skills to promote dialogue that is productive and participative
  • To explore verbal, nonverbal, listening and questioning skills to enhance understanding
  • To examine change and discuss strategies to effectively handle and manage change
  • To understand the challenges of working remotely and share best practices for leading and supporting remote employees

Day 3 - May 30
Your Role as Leader

  • To understand the importance of giving and receiving feedback effectively
  • To effectively communicate constructive and positive feedback in a timely effective manner
  • To learn strategies to handle more difficult situations
  • To develop a plan to transfer and practise new skills in your workplace


All 3 days of the series must be registered and paid for at the same time ($300 plus GST)



There is currently no scheduled dates available for this course.

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