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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Writing For The Workplace CLASS
Time: 9:00am-12:00pm
Length: 3 hours
Location: MTEC
Cost: $99.00 (plus GST)  

Business writing is a type of writing that seeks to elicit a positive business response. It's a purposeful piece of writing that provides relevant information to help a reader know something or do something.

In this session, you will learn the basics of various types of business documents and steps to ensure your writing fits standard criteria and is clear, correct and easy to scan.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify several different formats of buisness writing
  • Understand the various purposes of business documents
  • Analyze and comprehend audience needs
  • Recognize writing styles used to deliver good and bad news
  • Meet expectations for internal and external business writing
  • Implement criteria to create clear, accurate and accessible written documents
  • Understand the importance of proofreading and revision and apply techniques 

This session is for entry level, frontline. This session adds onto Email Communication.

This session will be delivered as part of MTEC's partnership with the Manitoba Customer Contact Association

*This training session is currently being offered free of charge.

3-Part Training Series for Event Coordinators and Planners
Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
Length: 6 hours
Location: MTEC
Cost: $500.00 (plus GST)

3-Part Training Series for Event Coordinators & Planners
To help you achieve event success!

Click here to view the Event Coordinators & Planners infosheet.

Event Coordinators and Planners Training

Day 1 - April 11
Introduction, Overview and Administrative Skills

  • Understanding the various components of the business plan and how they all feed into the event
  • Understanding the goals of the event and using them to develop an event agenda
  • Developing a critical path in line with the business plan and learning to delegate responsibilities effectively
  • Developing an effective reporting and monitoring process and other administrative tasks
  • Using budgets as a means of control
  • Understanding the importance of financial controls overall
  • “What would you do” practical exercises.

Day 2 - April 18
Event Coordination and Marketing

  • Event planning and production from start to finish, with focus on major areas such as: event design and set up, delegate/performer management, security, food and beverage, post-event evaluation, and more
  • Understanding the role of marketing and how it ties into the overall planning of the event
  • " What would you do" practical exercises

Day 3 - April 25
Risk Management, Human Resources, and Communication

  • Understanding legislation and ensuring your event complies with it
  • Understanding and adhering to a risk management plan
  • Understanding “who” is at risk
  • Developing an effective contingency plan
  • Recruiting staff, volunteers; interviewing and selecting applicants
  • Training staff and volunteers; providing leadership and motivation
  • “What would you do” practical exercises
  • Learning objectives for today:
  • Effective communication
  • Designing and making presentations
  • Understanding the importance of professionalism; exhibiting leadership
  • Managing multiple priorities while maintaining professionalism


All 3 days of the series must be registered and paid for at the same time ($500 plus GST)



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