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3-Part Series Experiential Tourism CLASSROOM

Note: Registration includes all three days of the training series

EXPERIENTIAL TOURISM 3-DAY SERIES will provide you with an innovative process for creating NEW experiences for your clients WHILE increasing revenue for your business. Experiential tourism is all about partnerships and collaboration with other businesses and organizations in your community. Collaborations that will create value, engage the senses and incorporate community values. The end result? Visitors will have a more authentic and engaging travel experience while also supporting responsible and sustainable tourism practices.

Definition: Experiential Tourism is a form of tourism where people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by meaningfully engaging with its history, people, food and entertainment.

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Experiential Tourism program flysheet

Day One

  • What is Experiential Tourism? How is it different than mainstream Tourism models
  • Understanding the context of Experiential Tourism
  • How to develop an Experience
  • Experiential Tourism value in any industry
  • The framework of economic value in Experiential Tourism

Day Two

  • The design process of a Visitor Experience
  • The elements that go into creating a memorable Visitor Experience
  • Special guests : learning from current in-market experiences
  • From Idea to Crafting a Memorable Experience

Day Three

  • A brief look at Marketing in the context of EQ
  • Costing and Pricing an Experience
  • Framing your Experience Idea
  • Next Steps

Upcoming Training Dates

  • Wednesday, January 10, 2024
    3-Part Series Experiential Tourism CLASSROOM - View Details

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