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Safe Knife Handling

In accommodation and food services, 44% of injuries are to the hands and fingers. Of the 44%, 21% are time loss injuries. Many young people`s first job is working in a kitchen, where they may use a knife on a regular basis. Unfortunately, they don`t always receive adequate training when it comes to knife safety. This workshop will include information on different types of knives and the proper use and handling of steel. It will also touch on the importance of having an adequate workstation and participants will be shown the proper way to sharpen, handle, clean and maintain knives. Participants will learn tips and techniques on how to control the knife properly when performing different cuts to avoid potential injuries. This course is geared towards prep cooks, food preparers and butchers. Retail sales clerks, shelf stockers and anyone who is at significant risk when handling or working with knifes would greatly benefit from this course.

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