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Handling Difficult Situations During COVID-19 and Beyond

The Handing Difficult Situations During COVID-19 and Beyond training program will assist employees and managers in dealing with customers that are not complying with current Health Orders or company policies; like wearing masks or social distancing.

Employees will learn how to identify and defuse difficult situations, explore the benefits of professionally handling difficult situations and develop strategies to manage behavior, defuse emotion and resolve difficult situations; information that will be useful to them during and long after COVID-19.

Handling Difficult Situations During COVID-19 and Beyond is a one hour on-line training program with an exam at the end. The pass rate is 100% (unlimited re-tests).

It will be FREE to businesses in the Hotel, Restaurant and Retail industries – and available for a small fee to other businesses.

Click here to download the program flyer.

Tourism, Hospitality and Retail businesses can now register to create a free business training account giving them access to the online Handing Difficult Situations During COVID-19 and Beyond course.

When your account is approved you can request access codes for each employee who needs Handing Difficult Situations During COVID-19 and Beyond training.

Click on the "I Want A Business Account" button and enter your business details. All accounts are reviewed by an MTEC Coordinator. Only businesses in the tourism, hospitality and retail sector, training employees in Manitoba are eligible for this offer.

See what people are saying about the Handling Difficult Situations Training

Despite the challenges we are all facing now due to COVID-19, we can still find purpose in our lives and be supportive of one another. When faced with a difficult situation, focus on what you can change, accept matters that are beyond your control and always strive to live by your own values.
— Mark P.

Well done. Good information and well presented. Should be a great resource in helping staff.
— Scott J.

I found the information very informative and provided additional ways on how to best handle a situation professionally.
— Lori M.

Very informative. Engaging and user-friendly module.
— Oscar P.

Excellent info.
— Shirley W.

Great useful tool for these difficult times.
— Janna J.

This is an excellent course that touches on alot of the situations that have been occuring in a variety of stores, facilities and businesses. I will be using it for drafting staff procedures.
— Joanne F.

It was a wonderful course and has instilled into myself a bunch of confidence that may have not been there before. Thank you!
— Tyler H.

A great tool for everyone to learn from, it teaches the material in an easy and simple form that doesn't confuse or agitate the learners.
— John Y.

Very well put together.
— Karla M.

Thank you Shelley from MTEC for recommending this course to my company. Great resource and good way to boost confidence when dealing with these types of situations.
— Arnel A.

This was very helpful and re-affirming. I am also grateful that I was able to do this on-line vs. having to take away from a day's work. Thank you for providing this free for all of us; it's appreciated by all.
— Dawn R.

Just when I thought that I am handling difficult situations in my workplace, I have learned a lot from this and I realized that there are some more that I can do.
— Ana B.

Very well presented and easy to understand. Enjoyed taking the course.
— Ian T.